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En el marco del Día Mundial de la Usabilidad.

28 de noviembre 2012, 9 a 19 hs.

Centro Cultural San MartínSarmiento 1551, Buenos Aires

Oferta de empleo

Federico Zelechowski de 3818 Buenos Aires busca

UX / UI Designer

Full-time, Semisenior en Palermo

We are seeking Experience Designers of all levels who have experience connecting customers and brands through intuitive interfaces and trans-formative brand experiences. 

We look for minimalistic look and feel designers who are confortable within the less is more areas.

Desired Skills & Experience


• Participate in the brainstorming. Know how to collaborate and follow comands from leaders
• Translate abstract concepts into simple and elegant user interfaces
• Create concept models, be aware of ergonomics, wireframes , and detailed schematics.
• Work closely with art director and developers to ensure the solidity of design systems

Experience & Skills:

• At least 1+ years experience in an Experience Design role / Web design senior
• A solid understanding of user centered design principles
• Able to develop simple and elegant design approaches to complex design problems
• Able to collaborate actively as part of a multi-disciplinary team
• Multitask role player
• Great social interaction within the group and other people
• Must be organized and able to switch rapidly between different projects in a fast-paced environment 
• Be passionate of the web

If you’re interested in joining us, please apply at 3818.com.ar

Company Description

3818 is a Digital Agency that translate Experience Design into production of engaging, user-centered, web destinations.

The emergent latin-american internet market and his rapid growth proved to be a strong basis for a multicultural and multilingual practice, serving both local and international clients. The Buenos Aires localization allow us to keep our rates competitive, while providing top quality services to our clients.

We craft elegant, semantic and modular code. We’re experts in most modern web technologies, HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript. We create user-centric, W3C validated, easy to maintain, well-documented interfaces.

We strongly believe that an effective design job consists mainly in keeping the user interface elements to the bare minimum, until nothing left can interfere with its purpose.

Our interfaces follow Progressive Enhancement principles, allowing design and behaviours to adapt elegantly and effectively to browser/platforms requirements. We are also very concerned about following accessibility guidelines.

Our team speak english, french and spanish, and is trained to work remotely with clients and partners while maintaining a high level of reactivity, and a close relationship with them

The founders and staff's experience gives us the ability to master complex web projects, including foreign languages and complex typographies.

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